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Keranak Kingdoms Fantasy Setting $4.99
Publisher: DwD Studios
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/13/2014 01:12:02

I really like this book. Whether on its own to use with another game system, where its rules free run down on the places of the world allows easy prtage into any game you wanted to use the rules for, or in conjunction with the BareBones Fantasy game, with or without the third volume Flesh and Blood (which provides stats for the various other sapient species of the setting), this book does what it is supposed to do, providing a armature to refine into your very own world to play in. I reckon you could even use the ideas for larger scale battle and conquest games, if you had a mind to. Point is, it gives sparks to light off your own imagination rather than having everything just so and all the dots on the map and labeled and all. It might seem more convenient to have everything done for you already, but this way if you misremember something and it is not just like the book says, well, that merchant guy you were hearing stories of the place from was either wrong or joking, because I don't see no magic horses 'round here.

Yeah. Especially for the price, this one is a must-own among the many various world books you could have. I'd love to see more like it.

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Keranak Kingdoms Fantasy Setting
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