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Eclipse Phase: All Sample Characters (first edition) $0.00
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Hendrik N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2014 16:45:39

I bought the printed cards just to have some nice pre-made characters I can hand out to new players or at one-shot sessions. Here are my thoughts on them:


  • The cards are not too thick, but still stable enough to stand some handling, and have a nice semi-gloss finish.


  • Contents and layout are exactly the same as in the core book. That could be either a positive or negative, depending on one's viewpoint...


  • The cards are somewhat smaller than the pages in the core book and, more importantly, do not have the same format. In my case this has led to the title/character descriptor at the top being slightly cut off on most cards, which detracts from the otherwise good looks of the cards.

  • The sample characters are printed back-to-back, which could be problematic if two players wanted to play characters that are on the same card. In my opinion, this defeats the main purpose of the printed cards, namely having a wide selection of ready-to-play pregenerated characters.

  • High shipping costs from the US to Europe, though this is not DriveThruRPG's fault (shipping took two weeks).

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Eclipse Phase: All Sample Characters (first edition)
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