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Retrostar -- Lightspeed Adventure Manual (Quick-Play) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Spectrum Games
by Bryan B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2014 13:33:55

Quick note: I am big fan of Spectrum and have one thing published through them for Cartoon Action Hour, I have no writing for Retrostar.

Well first thing this is quick start so does not have full rules or examples, beyond that I would say this looks fun. This is a game very focused on reproducing feeling of 70's Science Fiction TV and builds the rules to do that. The basic system is built around rolls that work not only for success or failure, but control of characters. Depending on roll the player controls the characters success and describes what happens, the next level allows players to say how they failed or GM describes how character succeeded the last level GM says how player failed. There is no damage system or such, everything comes down to rolls.

To make things feel more like TV each session is broken into 5 acts with 12 rolls allowed for each act. This will make players think about there rolls and limits the normal massive rolling normal systems have.

There is also pools of Spotlight Tokens to make roll more successful and focuses on part of characters description. Both players and GM gain access to SFX which represents the limit of budget shows have for costumes and special effects.

The basic rolling for system is 2 six sided die roll versus a chart. The roll is modified by rolling more dice and either keeping the highest two dice or lowest to dice depending on if the modifier is good or bad.

The game also uses 'dials' to represent if campaign setting uses certain themes, recurring elements or amount of SFX each player gets. The dials go from 0 to 6 and in a neat twist the GM rolls dice each adventure to see if what that dial represent comes into play.

Over all a good game!

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Retrostar -- Lightspeed Adventure Manual (Quick-Play)
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