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Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual $9.95
Publisher: BRW Games
by Ben F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/02/2015 22:27:11

I started off my tabletop RPG experience like many other gamers, with AD&D 1e. Since then, I have played a multitude of systems ranging from rules heavy (HERO) all the way to super rules light (PDQ), but something was always missing from my RPG experience. My gaming group has been with me for years, with me as their GM, and we have been trying for some time now to truly get the old school feeling back to our games. Then I stumbled across Adventures Dark and Deep, which perfectly recreates the feeling of 1e with a menagerie of new content such as new classes and sub-races. After character creation alone, it is apparent the similarities with AD&D 1e, and from there it is an amazing game. I absolutely love it!

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Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual
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