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The Witch - A Dungeon World Playbook $2.49
Publisher: Liberi Gothica Games
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/10/2015 11:58:18

This Witch for Dungeon World is a 3 page playbook with descriptions on the moves of a witch character. In general this book covers how to play a "Weather Witch", a "Wicked Witch" or a "Winter Witch". I approve Jacob Randolph's penchant for alliteration. Everything you would expect to see in a DW character is here. There are Bonds, Starting Moves, Gear and Advanced Moves. In this version the details are printed right on the sheet. This is rather convenient and saves some space. If it were reformatted to look like the layout in Dungeon World I'd imagine it would be more like 6 to 8 pages. So you get a lot of text, but not a lot of pages. This playbook is under $2.50. I would have liked a little more I think, but it is still really nice.

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The Witch - A Dungeon World Playbook
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