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Into the Odd $7.99
Publisher: Lost Pages
by Harald W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2015 14:51:48

This 48 pager is the closest to a steampunk game I would think captures the idea of rottenness and oppression of industrialization without demonizing technology itself — all the bad things come from what people do and want, and not the implements they use.

The first half or so of the book is rules: Character generation and equipment (2 pages), another page of rules for saves (all kinds of checks), a tiny but tight combat system, half a page about advancement, one page about companies and war, and three pages of sample arcana, weird magical or magitechnical or technomagical items that people hunt after; an example for play that conveys the style and themes that the game supports, and a couple pages devoted to the game master, including general advice, sample monsters, traps and hazards. The official world description fills one page, but we get 10 pages of a sample location, a region, and a small settlement which illustrate more of what the game is about — matter-of-factly, without being preachy.

The last third of the book is filled by the aptly-named Oddpendium, a collection of tables that allow you to quickly generate Into-the-Odd content but also serves as a condensed way to show more setting details, without getting overly verbose.

In terms of Old-School games, I consider Into The Odd somewhat of an outlier as it's pretty much setting infused with rules. I'd have a hard time saying what I'd use from this book in other games —no wait, that's a lie: The arcana are pretty nice and could spruce up about any game, unless you shy away from ray guns or black hole generators or portal guns. The rules, sparse as they are, seem to be a tight fit for the kind of setting or at least the kind of adventures the setting of Into The Odd seems to beget.

I could kind-of see Into The Odd to be used as an alternate future setting/game on top of your average fantasy game. It's close enough to be a parallel universe that you could get to through any of the many portals of the Kefitzah Haderech (also a Lost Pages product), because it's weird enough to find something lost from another world, or to hide in there because you probably won't stick out much.

Also, Into The Odd has good ongoing support by Chris on his blog (

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Into the Odd
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