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RDP: Rage Feats
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/19/2006 00:00:00

Rage Feats

Feats are a fun part of the character and allow for interesting and versatile powers. Feats that fit a theme and build off a central class ability are always of interest to me. That is one of the reason I enjoy this series of books. There are planetouched feats, critical feats, and summoners feats so far. And with the Rage Feats here Reality Deviant Publications is hopefully going a little more class based. Rage Feats is a twenty page PDF by Reality Deviant games through an imprint at Ronin Arts. The book is written by Christopher Urinko. The lay out is rather basic and the art is few and just okay. There are book marks. One item I would like to see in this and books like it are a table of all the feats, their prerequisites, and a brief description of them like one can find in the players handbook. I find reference material like that invaluable then just going through pages of feats to find something. Rage Feats has over sixty feats that can easily be used in the normal D&D and about a dozen more that build off options for Barbarians and other classes with rage. These options are in the appendixes and are open game material brought in from another source that they build off of. There are obviously way too many feats here to be used all together but I do believe that there will be several that fit any type of raging character. Animal Soul is a good feat, but the only one here I do not feel needs to be built off of rage. It allows one to be seen as animals as friendly or at worse indifferent. I think this would be a good feat for a Ranger or Druid as well and would have liked to have seen it not require the Rage class ability. There are many racial rage feats. They allow a character of a certain race with rage to gain an additional ability based on their race whenever they rage. Elves for instance become immune to enchantment spells and effects. Dwarves gain a larger bonus to resist being tripped and bull rushed. Humans seem to get the best one in being able to select a feat they do not have to use while ranging. This feat can be different each time they rage as long as they qualify for the feat. It does have to be from the fighter feat list except for weapon specialization. There are racial rage feats for Drow, Elan, Half dragon, gnome, half giant, half orc, and others. Oddly though there is no feat for half elves. There are many feats that are designed for the multi class Barbarian. There are feats that combine rage with Bardic Music, sneak attack, favored enemey, undead turning, arcane casting, and even familiar. The idea of allowing one?s familiar to be able to rage looks fun for some cool visuals and talks about not wanting to see the one?s toad angry. The two appendixes build off of open game material. The first presents the Whirling Frenzy option and has three feats that build off of that. The feats though are not all that easy to get one is an epic feat and the other two also require improved unarmed strike. The other appendix builds off totem barbarians. Again the info is printed here for easy reference as well as a feat for each of the totems as well as a general totem feat that any of them can take. Rage Feats is one of those rare books that really does about everything I could hope it would. It presents a wide variety of creative and interesting feats. The feats build off of what a barbarian can do as well as the options of multi classing and granting interesting ways to blend the classes. I really like to see OGL info being used and built on in this matter. It is something that just is not seen enough of in this day and age of the OGL.

<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: Great use of OGL material and building feats to take advantage of all sorts of possibilities. <br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: The look of the PDF and organization could be better<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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RDP: Rage Feats
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