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Mariner Hybrid Class Pay What You Want
Publisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing
by Sean C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/11/2015 20:34:20

The Mariner is a martial class with a focus on nautical tracking and underwater combat against aquatic foes. A hybrid class taking features from its ranger and fighter classes, with a nautical theme gets a variety of class features to make it a worthy adversary for any foe whether it be landlubbers or underwater horrors. The Mariner has a D10 hit die Full Base attack bonus Progression and 4+int skills per level. Proficiency with all armor types, simple and martial weapons. . As well as good fort and Ref saves and a medium progression will save ending at a total +8 at max level. At first level The Mariner gains + for to swim checks which progresses to a +6 after 10 ranks in swim a bonus to navigate checks and the ranger’s favored enemy class feature against aquatic types only. At 2nd level The Mariner gains their own custom combat style called Trident and Net Combat. This works similar to ranger and slayer combat styles, you have a list of feats like two weapon fighting and some of the new feats included in the book like Net Combat. At 6th and 10th levels your feat selection increases. The Mariner also gains armor training as the fighter class feature and the Endurance feat. When underwater The Mariner treats his armor training as 4 levels higher underwater and 4 levels lower when on land.At 4th level The Mariner gains the ability to cast a small number of ranger spells as the ranger class. Also at 4th level all allies flanking with The Mariner gains a +2 to attack rolls. At 5th level The Mariner gains weapon training like a fighter. At later levels The Mariner gains evasion, improved evasion, scent, ignoring difficult terrain in costal conditions, and being able to hide in plain sight underwater only. This improves to being able to stealth while even observed. At 19th level The Mariner gains 5 DR/- for wearing armor or using a shield. Why? I’m not entirely sure where the fluff meets crunch for this ability. At 20th level The Mariner has two yes two capstone abilities. One Capstone the Marine Life Master increases your tracking concerning underwater creatures. The second Capstone Weapon Master allows The Mariner to choose one weapon all critical automatically confirm, the critical modifier increases by one, and the weapon can’t be disabled.

The 8 new feats in this book help make fighting with a net practical as well as fighting under water with a variety of fighting styles. Finally the book includes a paragraph about tracking under water.

All in all this class receives the best features of the standard Fighter and Ranger, then a lot of free abilities concerning aquatic environments and enemies. The Mariner is a strong marital, if you are playing in a pirate campaign or Skulls & Shackles it’s the strongest marital I’ve seen for aquatic campaigns so far. While this class receives many class features it’s still not completely broken. The feats are well designed and shore up an aquatic niche other publishers haven’t so far.

I saw no major editorial mistakes and the text was easy to read. The Mariner is a solid marital class on land and amazing under water. I’m giving a 4 out of 5 stars since this class is very strong on land and fantastic underwater.

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Mariner Hybrid Class
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