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Solar Echoes Player's Guide
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Publisher: Corefun Studios, LLC
by David H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/29/2015 09:35:47

I got a chance to play this at a con. The game advertises itself as a "tactical RPG." Usually games that try to be "tactical" result in a complicated mass of rules and slow combat, but to my surprise the rules were quite streamlined and combat moved quickly. It's a d6 system, so no need for a large selection of dice. Two things to note about Solar Echoes' combat style is that 1) the action phase for all characters take place at the same time and 2) characters have very few hit points. Don't get hit!

The seven playable races break away from the stereotype of all intelligent aliens being humanoid, which is refreshing. The setting's tone isn't clearly defined; the game we played was somewhat tongue-in-cheek (we fought hacked janitorial robots), and I got the impression that the creators were aiming for fun rather than, say, the grimdark future of 40K. While perusing through the handbook, the idea I found most interesting was the Void Space: an area of the galaxy where the rules of physics have been altered thanks to a war that took place between two ancient, absurdly advanced races.

If you're looking for a fun, easy-to-learn, combat-focused RPG with a sci-fi setting, this is a good pick.

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Solar Echoes Player's Guide
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