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Spirit of 77 Core Rulebook
Publisher: Monkeyfun Studios, LLC
by Michael L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/31/2015 03:21:11

I first heard of this game locally here in Los Angeles at a local convention, and through other friends there heard it was pretty fun. Not being a big 70s fan (I lived through them), I thought "well ok I'll try something new"...and showed up expecting the standard convention blargh-struggle of a game.

Damn...I was WAY wrong.

I met the creators of the setting, who by borrowing on the Apocalypse World rules framework, had created something that took on a life of its own. An open game that really opened up the Agency of a player into something huge and fun. The first two rules of this game are: 1) Have fun! (if it doesn't work, don't do it or change it...just have fun with it) and 2) To Do it, DO IT, which basically means if you want to do something in the game, frame the scene with whatever you need and make it happen. With rules like that starting it off, I knew this game would have "Story Crunch".

(Story Crunch is something I've come to define as games that put more emphasis on telling a story, and framing their game around it. I don't find "indie" a good name for what goes on here. Rules Crunch and Story Crunch...that's how you need to see things. I live for the crunch of a good story.)

Their two-pronged way of making characters with roles and backgrounds creates so many permutations, that you want to play a new character almost every time you sit down...and CAN. The group I ran through was ready to go in 20 min of just simple prep and rules explanation. Rules were light on the DJ's (GM's) side of things in order to keep things flowing. Players state what they want to do based on the actions in the system, whether it be Delivering a Beatdown, Smokin' His A$$, Getting what you want, Giving the Third Degree, or Freeing your Mind...and many others. It is simple and free flowing.

The GMing tactics were a bit of a surprise...the published adventures (which are in the supplement "Wide World of 77") are written like notes...not scripted. Here's a basic idea for the plot...with 4 or 5 good hooks into it, and a TON of suggestion on characters and motives and how to match them up to your players. The scenario I ran out of Wide World of 77...The Kaboom Show...had likely 15-20 different endings or routes players could go that I could see with my own 3 players...let alone a larger group. Open information to guide your players and tell a great story.

Just like how it should be.

Give it a look. It is worth its weight in gold if you want to try something new and fun. This is a $100 book wrapped up in a $10 PDF.

Spirit of 77 is just like Shaft...One Bad...SHUT YOUR MOUTH! :D

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Spirit of 77 Core Rulebook
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