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Future Armada: Mercury Trio $5.95
Publisher: 0-hr
by Daniel B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/09/2015 05:23:02

I cannot fault this set, simply for value. However, there are some design flaws. Often with this series, I have had trouble cutting the tiles out, as the edges always overlap, and I try to cut off the excess, but it becomes more and more difficult. With the Mercury itself, I found I could not cut the tiles accurately. I like the unique, non-box-shaped ship with its bizarre internal structure, but the shapes render it difficult to cut off the overlap.

Also, there are a number of places where it is too obvious that the resolution is not as high as it should be for battlemaps. It's most obvious in the curves of the Mercury.

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Future Armada: Mercury Trio
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