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All That Glimmers $13.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Pierre H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2015 12:53:37

I am going to cover very briefly layout and editing. Generally unless otherwise stated this is going to be a copy and paste job for all my reviews as its always an outstanding 5 stars. Information is well laid out and easy to access. I find that I don’t have to flip from this page to that too often as information is always at your finger tips for encounters or NPC / environment information. Stat blocks are clean and easy to read. This is an important feature for me and having such superb editing is a massive boon!

All that glimmers offers the mechanisms and tables in order to create customized treasures with tables for adding some really nice additional back ground information. For example I recently created a Spellbook treasure for the wizard in my party to find after a rather nasty encounter with a necromancers flesh golem. Here it is:

S P E L L BO O K L E V E L 7

Orc Skin, faded, The inside back cover has a small plate that reads “This book made from the enemy of Grodge the Mighty, unstoppable warrior, inescapable tracker and master taxidermist.” Blood stained and tattered pages which feel oily to the touch. Treant sap and orc bile ink.

Value: 2,000 gp

1st—alarm, protection from evil, grease, obscuring mist, charm person, sleep, magic missile, colour spray, disguise self, silent image, ray of enfeeblement, expeditious retreat, reduce person

2nd—acid arrow, fog cloud, summon monster II, touch of idiocy, shatter, invisibility, mirror image, ghoul touch, make whole, rope trick

3rd—dispel magic, nondetection, sleet storm, stinking cloud, suggestion, tiny hut, ray of exhaustion, slow

4th—dimensional anchor, black tentacles, confusion, enervation

What I really loved was that I could pick straight from a few tables the descriptors for a spellbook that meant I wasn’t just dishing out another dry recipe of spells that my wizard felt he had picked out of a notebook on the floor. The background, inks, paper and cover of the spell book where all derived from All that Glimmers.

All that Glimmers also contains ready made treasure hordes and many pages of bespoke magic items including some old favourites given a really fresh breathe of life whilst remaining traditional.

I highly recommend this book and give it top marks!

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All That Glimmers
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