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The Thin Blue Line - A Detroit Police Story $20.00
Publisher: Melior Via
by Michel V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/06/2015 06:09:11

An excellent urban fantasy/modern horror setting about psychic police officers in Detroit. The player's guide already detailed character creation, five different types of psychics (including empaths, telepaths, intuitives, vitruvians and nullifiers), information about the Corktown Precinct, different gear and a very detailed look at Detroit and all it's districts and neighbourhoods. This book features the same first five chapters, but adds two additional chapters. Chapter six provides several human NPC's from different corporations and the Corktown HQ itself as well as several supernatural NPC's. Chapter seven provides gamemaster's advice, a random adventure generator and several sample adventures. A crused item generator is included as well. All in all a very cohesive modern horror setting about mortals facing the supernatural or the paranormal.

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The Thin Blue Line - A Detroit Police Story
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