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Mythic Role Playing
$10.00 $8.95
Publisher: Word Mill
by Guntis V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/16/2015 15:01:14

Great game - and a great GM / Gm-less tool! I've not yet digested the system enough to use it (just skimmed through the PDF for the first time).

And still: its' brilliance shines through clearly.

Damn, I'd never EVER imagine a tabletop RPG system where not only the world, not only characters and events can be improvised on-the-fly... but RULES??

Wow! Deciding, say, the rules of magic half-way thru adventure - isn't it incredible? And whatever else may come up during adventures?

Which automatically means - we get an ideally customized ruleset while we play. Because it's we, the particular group of players, who choose the rules. The way we like them!

I love this Mythic!

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Mythic Role Playing
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