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Cypher System Rulebook $19.99
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Anthony G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/20/2015 15:08:44

Ever since Numenera was release I have been dying for the cypher system to be released as its own book. While the mechanics of Numenera are awesome, I couldn't get my entire group behind the "weird" setting. Releasing the cypher system on its own solves this problem as it lets a great story based system be applied to other genres without too much homebrew work to be done.

The cypher system nailed character creation, mainly by removing character traits as just backgrounds and justifications for stats by making them the main focus of the character. I absolutely love the way that character creation works, especially considering it is not setting specific with the generic "Wizard Cleric Rogue" classes seen in more classic RPGs.

The system is simple enough to make a roleplaying game less about dice and number crunching, and more about the story itself and the roleplaying that goes with it.

I highly recommend the cypher system for both those who are looking to run it, as well as inspiration for other systems as well. There is a huge section that focuses entirely on being a better game master by putting the setting first rather than the rules, and this is true for all roleplaying games. I look forward to using this system on its own, and taking large portions of it for other games that I run in the future.

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Cypher System Rulebook
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