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E. N. Armoury: Chainmail Bikini (and Other Adventuring Gear for Beautiful People) by E. N. Publishing is part of the E. N. Armoury range which looks at the weapons and armor of D&D and expands upon them. Obviously, this volume is a bit more light hearted then, say, one about Morning Stars. The product comes with two cover files and the book itself (27 pages after OGL).

The book begins with an introduction to the chainmail bikini along with a mock history of the armor along with note about how it is worn and what the standard D&D races think of bikini armor. The bikini armor template is presented allowing anything to be bikini armor from leather to plate mail. Bikini armor is designed to work with the feat Exotic Armor Proficiency (underwear), the Naked Defense optional rule and the Beauty optional statistic. In addition, several armor modifications such as buoyancy (which reduces penalties to Swim checks) and durability (bonus HP for an item) are introduced which are additional masterwork qualities and can be used with any armor.

The next section is feats which are 20 ?plus 1 Epic? mostly comic feats (Anatomically Over Endowed, Too Cute to Hit) but a few serious, and balanced, ones slip in as well. The requisite Prestige Class sections has two: Nereid Diva, a magic using class that uses their beauty to enhance their magic and their ability to swim. And the Bolojitsu Striptease, a martial class that uses bolos in both hand to hand and ranged combat. Both are fairly well balanced, but are a bit silly. The product wraps up with rules for beauty contests, a new spell, a selection of magic items, a new deity (Elea, Goddess of Sexual Escapades) and a tale of one of her priests.

Obviously, this product is all is good fun, making light of some of the traditions of fantasy artwork. It is a good read and some parts even have application in a serious game.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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E.N. Armoury - Chainmail Bikinis
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