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Bad Girl Blowout: PL6 Femme Fatales $1.00
Publisher: Aegis Studios
by Andrew J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2015 00:14:41

I really, really dislike being negative about anyone's efforts. However, I got this product (and a number of others from this company) in a cyber monday sale for 20 cents each and I was ripped off even at that price.

The characters presented are ill-conceived, uninterestingly presented, and in some placed show gross misunderstandings of the M&M rules. These are the kinds of characters that one constructs when they are bored, just learning the rules, and playing around with a character generator. I can't judge what this characters might have been. Given the time to be further developed, or subjected to the scrutiny of an editor, they might have been more. However, they seemed that they were simply accumulated, sorted by concept and then published without any real scrutiny.

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Creator Reply:

I\'m sorry to see that you are dissatisfied with our Superhero Support line. I would be interested to know where you feel the characters display gross misunderstandings of the M&M rules. If there is erroneous information within the supplement I would be happy to correct it.

With regard to the level of development and style of presentation for each character, I\'m sorry to hear you didn\'t enjoy what was presented. The concepts and character descriptions in our Superhero Support products are designed to offer a brief overview of the character, mainly painted in broad strokes with a few hooks peppered throughout in order to make the characters able to be dropped into virtually any M&M game. These are meant to be springboards for a GM or player to use so they can have ready made, system compliant stats with a framework for concept and backstory but the freedom to flesh out each character to suit their own needs.

Please feel free to reach out via comments below or through email to address specific concerns and I\'ll be happy to look into the problem areas you identify.

I hope you were able to enjoy other products you acquired in the Cyber Monday sale.

Travis Legge
Aegis Studios
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Bad Girl Blowout: PL6 Femme Fatales
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