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Machinations of the Space Princess $11.99 $9.59
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2016 15:25:02

Takes OSR rules and adds some real cool "new school" ideas. If you ever wanted to play a scifi/fantasy space opera game that feels like Barbarella meets Star Crash meets Ice Pirates meets Star Wars this is the game for you. It is like a sleazy Travellers or a pulpy Stars Without Number (both of these games are good games but a little too stuffy ot bland for my tastes.) Machinations of the Space Princess would also work for Sword and Planet and even a Cyberpunk like game. Hell, one planet could be straight out of Burroughs Mars and next a dark and gritty dystopia. You can do it all. Also, the author encourages you to change and add and tinker with the system to suit your own gaming style, which is good.

Seriously, cannot say enough about it. Just check it out of you like pulpy, sleazy, sexy, campy, and/or gonzo scifi inspired by the cult classics.

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Machinations of the Space Princess
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