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The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying [Swords & Wizardry] $4.99
Publisher: Barrel Rider Games
by Joseph E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/19/2016 12:17:18

I really loved the look of the PDF from the layout to the art this is a top notch production that PWYN pricing does not convey.

Within the first few chapters I was getting a very DCC vibe with the addition of luck to attributes and an Occupation table along with wording how most commoners never travel more then a few miles from home their entire lives. Now if you give the player race a d4 dice to start and no classes you could have a 0 level funnel.

The next thing I noticed was the reduction value some races get it like the Half-Orc when you roll damage against them you subtract that reduction value from the damage before applying it to the hit points. Also armor will add to the reduction value. This is a heroic RPG after all and steps are taken to make the heroes stronger. I'll return to reduction value in a moment.

Next up are the Classes all the popular classes are here and some others like Jester. The Demi-Humans have level restrictions and this is where the text fell apart for me and I need to go back a re read but it doesn't really discuss multi-classing or dual-classing which based off some of the restrictions and wording seemed like was an option.

The Spells, Monsters, Equipment and GM advice was all well written and was useful for new GM's and players but if you have run some games most likely you know these things.

Magic weapons was something new, they are not forged or crafted they are made by both deeds and actions. Simply put if you crit with the weapon mark down a myth point. You hit 5 myth points the weapon becomes a plus one. You created the legends and reasons for your world. I love this it seems like something that belongs in DCC where the players action forge them, now the action also forge the legendary weapons of the world. Now here is the kicker and you can tell this was inspired by Tolkien writing specific the Hobbit. If one of the Crits that gained a myth point also resulted in the death of the creature fighting the weapons becomes a bane of those creatures. Like Thorin's Blade Orcist "The Goblin Cleaver" or Gandalf's Glamdring "The Beater" who's legends where made century ago.
Now back to reduction points if your armor Reduction value saves you from going down to 0 HP it gets a myth point and at 5 myth points it will give you a +1 to both AC and reduction values.

This is a very cool little Whitebox hack and if you like Whitebox play and want something more heroic this could be the game for you. I've recently been getting into OD&D and I like some of the ideas in here.
At PWYW it's steal and even at $10 for the PDF it's a good deal. When the print version comes out it will definitely get a place on my shelf with all my OD&D stuff.

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The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying [Swords & Wizardry]
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