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Gothic Campaign Compendium
Publisher: Legendary Games
by Elexious C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/06/2016 16:38:37

I took a chance on this product. I had a horror campaign coming up and wanted some tools to make it memorable. I'm not very familiar with Legendary Game's products and never felt the need for them but it was highly recommended so I picked up a hardcover.

So how did I feel? Mixed.

In all reality I could run a horror/gothic campaign without this but it also brings a number of tools to the table and I became more impressed with it the deeper I read. The spells and character options range from things I'll never take to things that are ultimately not that great but I'll take it because it is hilariously spooky. For the GM the rules for Grimoires, monsters, NPCs and the general advice are more than welcome.

Overall this book is about fun and bringing your fluff to life when I came in expecting a few base classes and other options. So I was a bit disappointed. However as a DM it is much more useful although chapter 6 has a lot of rules that could have been organized differently. In the end I've recommended it on multiple occasions because it does handle quite a few ideas and made my horror campaign more lively so despite feeling a bet 'meh' on my first viewing it's usefulness is undeniable so I'm giving it 4 stars.

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Gothic Campaign Compendium
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