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Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Robert P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/11/2016 08:00:09

A very inspiring setting oozing with atmosphere allowing the GM to pretty much do anything in a setting that begs to be explored. It takes the 'traditional fantasy RPG trope' and turns it on its head. But still retains some of the flavour.

The rules are smooth and snappy, and don't get in the way of gaming. The art is lovely and very evocative of the world.

The book is crammed full of useful info. Including some neat adventures to familiarise the GM and players with the wonderful setting.

Quality of the PDF is excellent.

If you want something that's a fresh take on fanstay, with less micro management, and where the rules are modern and light(ish), then this is well worth a look.

Fantastic job!

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