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ASA: Alice in Wonderland #1 5E $2.99 $1.50
Publisher: Playground Adventures
by N. J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/11/2016 11:20:19

Let me just start here by saying the artwork is adorable, like this is really kid friendly artwork that I could see any young gamer enjoying. I will admit it's a bit short, but since it's for kids, it's also the kind of thing I could see running with them several times (my niece often enjoys running through this), making the short length less of an issue, and it feels like it could be easily adaptable to less players.

The adventure itself is nice and fun, with good advice for helping to get younger players into character and the map that comes along with it is just perfect. It give new players a chance to enjoy things, feel like they're accomplishing goals, and other fun small things like that while introducing them to the mechanics of the game.

The encounters in it are easy enough to run, and with advice on how to continue the story already in there, it should be no problem to get things moving even if they want to continue.

All in all, this is a great first game for younger children who want to get into roleplaying and a good way to kill an hour or two, and I really enjoyed the printable map that came along with it. This is the same review I gave to the PF version, but everything I said there stands, as it's just as good for 5e as it is for PF.

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ASA: Alice in Wonderland #1 5E
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