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Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (1000 Miscellaneous Magic Items) $9.95 $7.50
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by David G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/18/2016 15:32:47

I will be the first to say that this holds a ton of useful and usable items. It sometimes seems, however, that for every excellent item, there's a broken one. I got this for my D&D games, and it said that this would work reasonably well "with “any” fantasy role-playing game system that utilizes magic items, and manages characters with skills and attributes." And there are a good number of items which certainly work perfectly well, and I've incorperated them into my campaign I'm running. But i doubt that there are any systems out there who could function properly when you can basically buy a magic house for only 1000 gold. The cart of wonder is basically a bag of holding that functions as a normal cart that can magically seat fifty people comfortably inside. If I stripped all the walls and furinture out of my real-life house, I might be able to sit fifty people. This means that i can buy a magical moving house for less than an actual bag of holding! (The smallest can only hold 250lbs up to 30 cubic ft. and costs 2500gp.) This could perhaps be fixed with a price adjustment, maybe, but there are many other items that are game-breaking no matter how you look at it. So, there are tons of useful items, but just be perpared to have to sift through ones that could potentially turn your level ten character into a god, if you use them properly or with other items.

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Creator Reply:
Indeed this book contains some very minor, as well as some incredibly powerful magical items, and all things in between. (It includes curse items and one of kind quest items. ) It should NOT be used as a shopping guide for characters. The book offers several ways to generate random magical items, and/or alternate magic items should the ones rolled be unsuitable for the character or the adventure. GP and XP values may vary depending on game system, it is impractical if not impossible to exactly match all game systems with these numbers, and therefore numbers listed are only a guideline based on the author\'s 30 years experience with various roll playing game systems. (All of this critic/user\'s concerns are addressed in the introduction and description of the book.)

Also just for clarification purposes, this book does not contain a Cart of Wonder, it does contain a Carriage of Wonder. It is a 4 person carriage, that can actually carry 50 people. It is only remotely related to a bag of holding, and far less portable and therefore far less useful the a bag would be. For instance, you can\'t take it into a dungeon with you. You can\'t carry a couple of them backpack. You will need horses to pull it around as you do with all carriages. Plus you must leave it somewhere when not in use, thus it can easily be stolen or objects left in it could be stolen, etc. .. Should it be worth more or less than a bag that holds less stuff but is far more useful? It is a judgement call, GMs are invited to price and award XP as they see fit if they feel experienced enough to do so.
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Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (1000 Miscellaneous Magic Items)
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