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Gods of the Fall $17.99
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2016 05:37:00

Fantastic new product from the Monte team.

Afterworld is a dark setting with a populous at the very bottom of a big pit of despair and social degradation but in the emerging 'New Gods' and the Seven Prophecies you have a spark that to me allows for a campaign of true heroism and hope. The vibe I got was very much like the superhero comics of my youth filled with characters (the PC's) who are larger than life and shining beacons of hope and heroism. Not that I can't imagine a darker toned game, God of Evil anyone?

Mechanically you have a system that I feel is more fantasy superhero than gods and I'm not entirely sure how the deeds ascribed to the old gods were accomplished but that small criticism is really no criticism at all as the characters you get to play have plenty of scope for amazing deeds and fantastic adventures very reminiscent of the legends of Greece.

I'd definitely recommend picking this game up and I only hope the line gets continued support.

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Gods of the Fall
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