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Gods of the Fall $17.99
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Heath W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2016 04:24:29

A well done product, but like so many other Monte cook Games since the release of Numanera and the Strange, very few new original foci or backgrounds are introduced, and the new character types are simply slightly re-hashed versions of the ones already availible in the cypher system, it even says so in the book. I feel like that was exceptionally lazy and didnt do anything you as a player couldnt already to make a "demi-god" character.

The material for making characters just keep getting recycled into their new products and this is no exception. However instead of blatently plugging olf foci into the book like has been don before and changing the name of a few, looking at you Cypher system the book offers suggestions on how to use, you guessed it, foci from other books, namely The Cypher system, whos foci list is simply a compilation of foci from the numenera and the strange, in this setting.

Really what this amounts to is a setting book, so if your looking for tips on how to play demi gods in a unique setting here you go. If your looking for a list of cool new godly foci and backgrounds, preapre to be disapointed.

However, dont let this dissuade you, it is a well done product and worth adding to the collection if only for the setting lore alone. If we could get so

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Gods of the Fall
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