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Magic Items 02 $5.95
Publisher: The Forge Studios
by selcuk g. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/16/2007 04:30:26

The Forge studios produce excellent quality product. I have enjoyed their Ptolus line of products, and find Barony and Manor excellent items. Although the pricing of the company had been a little high I definitely advise those titles. With Magic items 01 and its successor Magic items 02 the story is different. There are only 2 images, despite what is advised. The site advises as "IMAGES : 7 ZIP SIZE: 4.5 MB" and description says "It comprises 4 images", but all you get two images + their black and white versions. After paying 5,95 for 2 images I feel cheated and riped off. Therefor I certainly do not recommend these two. The images are good but not as good as to pay 3$ each...

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Magic Items 02
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