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Dungeon Delvers Pay What You Want
Publisher: Brent P. Newhall's Musaeum
by notKlaatu L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/02/2016 21:57:43

This is a great little rule set, designed to be simple and portable. I love the idea that a core rulebook can fit in my back pocket. There are other simple rule sets out there, but the fact that Dungeon Delvers is designed for portability (it even provides a system for d6 rolls without die) means there's just no excuse to be without it.

I do wish the sources were included in the download; there are a few rules I'd like to clarify for myself, and I might even like to add a few attributes to character stats. It would be easier to extend if the source (maybe as a scribus document, or similar) were available.

Over-all, though, if you're looking for a quick and dirty ruleset that you can always have tucked in your wallet or backpack, this is it.

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Dungeon Delvers
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