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Exalted 3rd Edition Charm Cards (Set 2) $9.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Jürgen C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2016 10:10:43

Although Charm Cards are a very good idea, the way these Charm Cards are done is kind of a missed opportunity. Currently I´m judging with having the pdf only, it may be not as drastic in the PoD version.

The cards are simply the Charms copied onto cards in a small font. If the Charm is especially lengthy this text is abbreviated and followed by the sentence "See the full text of this Charm on page ...". Also the depicted Cards with the Ability name on it are at least not part of the pdf. There you have only a full page sized cover with "Charm Cards Set One". Additionally every last page of an ability has blank card spaces, so that a new ability does start at the top of a page. Don´t know how that gets sorted out in the PoD deck, but I imagine a lot of cutting scrap. Also I´d advise against printing them yourself, because the design is going right to the edge, so you´d have to be very precise in your cutting in order to have good looking cards. Please note also that these cards do not encompass charms from Miracles of the Solar Exalted and not the Martial Arts Charms from the Corebook. They are in no way marked as Solar charms, so I guess if they would go the route of charm cards for other exalted they would need to distinguish them with a totally different design (at least I hope they would not simply dare to let just the page reference be the way to distinguish charm cards).

I´m disappointed with these cards, because the creators obvioulsy didn´t care to think through how to use them at the table. I would have preferred a design where I could use them as rule cheat sheets that help me quickly resolve the mechanics of a charm during play. On these cards I would not need the prerequisites of the charm (because they are in the book), I would need bigger font and a summary of the charm mechanics without a lot of fluff. I can visualize myself scanning through the text in order to get the mechnics the same way I would´ve to do it in the book. Also the card design would have allowed for a design where once per scene charms could´ve been tapped and the untap condition would be denoted. The card backs could have had the ability name on them.

I guess in order to get a real support at the table I´ll have to use the free form fillable Charm Card template and insert the charm summary myself.

For everyone, who wants instead of flipping through the book sort through a pile of cards and then take as long in reading the card as reading the book, I guess these cards are fine.

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Exalted 3rd Edition Charm Cards (Set 2)
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