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New World of Darkness Rulebook (1st Edition)
Publisher: White Wolf
by Ismael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2016 01:49:37

It is very difficult to be as into World of Darkness as I am and NOT write a review for this book. Though it has been updated many times since its release many years ago, I feel like it was at least a breath of logic into the then cluttered ruleset that encompassed the so-called old world of darkness.

This rulset was, in my opinion, a very good step in the right direction, having been made from experience and good sense, created as a succinct version of a set of rules that had been applied in various ways to other rule books in the past.

And while it has been updated, and while some pine for the old rules that preceeded it, there remains a certain shine to this book that glimmers with both nostalgia and an amazing design ethic that is simple and elegant.

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New World of Darkness Rulebook (1st Edition)
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