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Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages $24.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Simon T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/09/2016 09:45:45

A fantastic update. It is a compilation that I do not believe should or would replace the older edition. Instead it gives a broad spectrum that is a very useful asset to be used alongside previous books that should not be discounted. The world that you and your storytellers create is unique to your RPG group, You may count or discount anything you do not like. You may add any of your own Ideas as you see fit. Just like all of the original classic dark world games. If you wish to be spoon fed and have someone else do all the work for your rpg group then I would suggest that the classic world of darkness is simply not for you. But if you are like me and my players then this game is open enough for you to create your own world. each page of this lovely work will give you idea after idea. as with all classic dark world games reading in its self is a sheer joy. Because it is a compilation it has a bit of almost all the Vampire dark age within, I very much like this. If I wish to focus of one aspect then I would simply use one of the many other source books alongside this one. I view this edition as more of a quick reference, after all I do not want to simply throw away my other books. I am happy that I bought it and is inspiring me to think about my next perchance.

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Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages
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