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Modern Floorplans: Arctic Research Station $3.00
Publisher: Fabled Environments
by Aronne G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2016 04:23:07

What you can expect from Fabled Environments are good maps.

This one is particular, it's not a single map of a research station, it's made up of modules that you can combine how you desire, thanks to the provided hub module, to create even more then a research station: you could easily make some futuristic/cyberpunk residential complex, with or without recreation/communal place. You can create the biggest research station on multiple subterrain levels, or a small outpost.

There are not many modules, but place like these are repetitive anyway, at least in their structure.

You get a good description on what the modules actual contain and their purpose, if you need hooks for your building life. And of course, the PDF level selection is perfect to get a better view of the maps.

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Modern Floorplans: Arctic Research Station
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