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The Map of Badendale
The Map of Badendale
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Modern Floorplans: Diner $2.52
Publisher: Fabled Environments
by Douglas B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2007 15:08:07

These are well done by the folks that runs 12 to Midnight in real architectural software. That means you have a realistic building that can be used from Shadowrun to D20 Modern and everywhere in between and around! You can even use this building for a pulp game like .45 Adventures or Crimson Skies CMG: Aces! What I like best is that I could take a single file from this folder, go to the local architectural print shop and print up a map-size all-in-one-piece map to use. Cannot wait to be able to buy more of 12 to Midnight's products!

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Modern Floorplans: Diner
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