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Hero High Yearbook $4.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/01/2008 21:23:08

Mutants & Masterminds: Hero High Yearbook another in the Green Ronin Archetypes series of ten new superpowered archetypes for the superheroic M&M game. Archetypes (in the M&M sense) are packages of statistics, skills and powers to simulate various “standard” types of characters from the superheroic / comic book genre.

As is usual for these products from Green Ronin, each of the Archetypes comes with a strong full color illustration that conveys the sense of the Archetype’s abilities and style. The characters are all built at Power Level 8, the default starting level for the Hero High setting. Each character has a full background and their place in the Academy, along with their powers and abilities.

The characters draw on the Freedom City setting for backgrounds, so adding them to another campaign world would require minor tinkering. Among the characters types explored in this archive are: Druid, uneasily mixing ancient tradition in a modern school. L33T, hacker and tech-ninja. Ripper, spoiled rich girl with a scary alter-ego.

Additionally new rules and content are provided: a new feat (Untapped Potential), an optional rule, two new power feats, new power modifiers, a clarification on feat use and even a new power (Mirror Image).

This is a solid collection of characters for player character or NPC use, also useful as examples for players to build their own Hero High characters from. For any M&M GM running the Hero High setting this is a superb resource, for those running other M&M campaign it still provides a useful pool of characters.

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Hero High Yearbook
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