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The Arkham Gazette #0 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press
by Sean M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/13/2017 18:55:42

The Arkham Gazettes add a nice touch of historic realism (even when the material is fictional) to any game based on Lovecraft country, as well as invaluable plot hooks to get your mind working. For example, in this issue there is a nice discussion on the Aylesbury Pike, a roadway that connects multiple towns featured in Lovecraft fiction that is described so well you would think it existed. There is also a short encounter involving a spectral being along this roadway and a bibliography of other published scenarios which feature the Pike, so that you could use the Phantom to gather your investigators before heading to other adventures or perhaps it is a waystop between scenarios. This and other issues provide the kind of detail that will immerse your players into the setting.

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The Arkham Gazette #0
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