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The Blood Hack $3.99
Publisher: DYS Games
by Russell D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/19/2017 18:07:11

Loved this! As someone who cut his teeth on both D&D and Vampire, it's great to see a game that takes elements of both yet stands on its own. The Black Hack as a chasis allows for some super-sweet "rules necessary" approaches that really streamlines the experience without feeling shoe-horned. I've had friends turned off of the other vampire RPGs because the alleged "Storytelling" alternatives to D&D felt bloated. Or they were unsure about diving into the lore and metaplots. Here, it's very light on the background (but gives just enough to have your engines turn!) and the rules hardly get in the way. It's easy to consume the mechanics in a single sitting. It's not as pretty as some of those other games, but it is a fast 57 pages to read through.

So for those wondering what this game has to offer in the mechanics department different from The Black Hack itself: modern stuff like firearms & vehicles. The Blood's power system breaks away from vancian ties to use a "Blood Usage Die" which is a perfect substitution to blood pools of those other games. Also, the Blood Rituals are a pretty wicked aspect that give the game its own flavor and helps show how monstrous these characters can be.

So in short: a minimalist hack of a minimalist hack of D&D that potentially runs liter and more streamlined than other Vampire games out there.

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The Blood Hack
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