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Elemental Gemstones $2.99
Publisher: Bards and Sages
by Dale M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/01/2008 17:29:56

Elemental Gemstones details seventy gems and crystals for magic item creation in the Karma Roleplaying System. Each has a bit of fluff attached to help GMs determine the appropriate use. Also listed is the element the gem is aligned to (earth, fire, air, and so on) as well as its availability (common, difficult, and rare). That is the whole of the crunch presented in this product. The introduction of the book gives the reader a sense of basics of the Karma magic system.

With such limited amount of crunch as well as it being presented in general terms, it is easy to port these over to other role playing games. D20 gamers that desire an alternate item creation system that does not involve spending experience can instead seek out rare and precious stones to make their items. This book works perfectly with Exalted as written. Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Wood are all represented. Metal and Lightning are also present if your game involves Autocathon. Modern games that involve magic, such as Mage and Shadowrun, can use these to help draw depth to the game and explain why certain gems are required and not others. Players could the ones to discover why a certain corporation’s secret hording of sapphires has nothing to do with their monetary value. Even in Scifi games Star Wars, these gems have a place. With Old Republic Jedi searching out the gems that best suits their individual personalities, this reference can provide a quick guide as to which gems would be appropriate and how difficult they are to acquire.

Disclaimer: My first writing credit is with Bards and Sages

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Elemental Gemstones
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