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This product offers different ways to use magic in a Victorian setting: a quick and easy system that allows traditional (albeit limited) spell casting by non-arcane or divine characters, and a more robust skill-based system. The latter is enhanced by applying the laws of magic to get bonuses the success rolls. Also included are mechanics for drain as well as rules that gain the benefit of natural manna and ley lines. Each subsystem is modular, allowing for a great deal of customization. Several feats tailored to the rules are included, as well as a class designed to use their more innovative features. Finally, some skills with applications for magic (notably Concentration and Spellcraft) are examined in greater detail, as are tarot cards.

A nice touch are the charts that refer to historical magicians and deities to provide some flavor to the spell list. They are supplemented by real-world organizations that would make good additions to a magical themed campaign. Three such campaign models are also presented.

I would have liked to see a bit more flesh on using the Laws of Magic. For example, several other game systems have lists of natural items that have occult significance when used for magic. Something like that, providing bonuses to the skill rolls, would fit perfectly with the rest of the material, as would rules based on zodiacal correspondences. Regardless, this is a product with good ideas for giving a campaign a dash of magical verisimilitude.

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Imperial Age Magick
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