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Cypher System Rulebook $19.99
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Robert R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/01/2017 18:17:15

Cypher System (CS) It is an innovative and fun system that invites creativity and group interaction. They system is generally easy to learn for GM and player. If you enjoy Numenera and The Strange, CS is the same system but is meant to be for any genre of play. It is the "any genre” aspect that keeps me from giving CS 5 stars. I give it 4. Here is why.

Right out of the book CS tends to be supernatural and/or magical. There are supernatural abilities/aspects built into the character TYPES that MUST be edited or removed if one wants to use CS for a mundane or realistic game. Plus the Cyphers are definitely supernatural/magical. CS adds "Subtle Cyphers" that will work in realistic settings. CS does sort the Descriptors and Foci into genre but the GM should read them as some just don't fit where CS says they should. So, if the GM is preparing to use CS for a realistic or non-magical setting some abilities/aspects will HAVE to be modified or taken out. This is why, In the back pages of the book (and available on the web), there is the Campaign Design Worksheet. Use it. It's fun.

CS also has what are called Flavors. These are generic abilities that can substitute the Tier abilities of a given Type. Flavors are, in my opinion, the key to building the best and most versatile characters in CS. The Flavors are; stealth, technology, magic, combat, and skills and knowledge. Flavors are used as SUBSTITUTES for an ability that is built in to a Type. Give your Warrior some TECH abilities or more SKILLS. With Flavors you can truly make the character you want!

I will say it again, CS doesn't do realistic/non-magical perfectly right out of the book. The GM must read and edit/modify and then use the Campaign Design Worksheet to keep track of the genre YOU make. The worksheet is there because CS is MADE to tweak and tool with. If gaming is your thing, this process should turn out to be a lot of fun. CS encourages you to make YOUR game. And when you do CS is a unique and versitile system for single session or camapign play in ANY genre. Cool.

Thanks for reading and remember that this is only MY opinion. Yours may be different.


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Cypher System Rulebook
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