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Shaintar: Legends Arise $24.99
Publisher: Savage Mojo
by Franklin T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/02/2017 17:59:32

Printed on the deluxe, extra thick and fine looking parchment paper, this setting book is perfect for anyone wanting to run a traditional high fantasy session. If you don't plan on using the aboslutely top notch races, rich lore, or fantastic and well balanced arcane backgrounds, I still highly recommend this book for the great edges and the arcane backgrounds, to take into consideration for other sessions, regardless of genre. The additional rules make the game fit the original tag line of Savage Worlds. Fast, Furious, and Fun.

Keep in mind that creating Shaintar characters may take 20-40 mins longer than normal characters, only because of the amount of detail and choice for character creation. It's worth it, this setting is perfect for sessions you want to run over a long period of time.

Only criticism is that the book could use additional pre-gen plots or campaigns. It'd be nice to get a few general quests to send novice adventurers on, with a small range of character alignment-adjusted concepts. Not everyone wants to play the hero, after all.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for your thoughts, F.T. - appreciated. If you're interested in some free-to-download adventures for Shaintar, we've got a bunch :-) Looks like they've disappeared from DriveThruRPG's pages (it happens sometimes) but I'll arrange for them to reappear asap. Just search for Savage Mojo as a publisher and click "Free" under price.

Miles M Kantir
Publisher, Savage Mojo
UPDATE: The adventures are back up and available, and they're free so you can grab them any time :-)
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Shaintar: Legends Arise
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