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The Imperial Age: Victorian Monstrosities $12.95
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
por Jerry L. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 04/25/08 00:52:58

This product alone was what sold me on the ENTIRE Imperial Age line. What you have here, folks, is the "Menace Manual" of the 1800's! Gaslight classics like Dracula, The Invisible Man, The Beastmen of Dr. Moreau, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein's Monster, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and not to mention, the most dangerous and elusive threat of the Victorian Era: Jack the Ripper! Those are just some of the nasties you'll find inside this infectious grouping.

For anyone ever wanting to run d20 Past but never having the opponents to pull it off... For anyone wanting to draw upon the horrors of literary works... For anyone that may be "on the fence" about whether or not to purchase this...

If you love Victorian Lore and roleplaying, simply put: You can't do without this RPG resource!

Even if you don't play d20-- Buy it & convert the foes over to your system of choice (it's STILL less work than "statting" the entire horde from scratch)!!! Imperial Age: Victorian Monstrosities is a truly indispensable game aid... WAY BETTER than any spoken words can possibly express in this (or any other) review!

Thank you, Adamant, for your frighteningly realistic, statistical interpretations of legendary foes!

Liked: Everything! Disliked: Nothing!

5 of 5 Stars!

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The Imperial Age: Victorian Monstrosities
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