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Apocalypse Campaign Guide $10.00
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Joseph H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2017 21:00:12

This book is, simply put, extremely useful. A lot of attention to detail for each type of apocolypse listed (and there are a LOT of those in the book) is present. A crafting system that seems like it should have been included with the core Savage Worlds book is present within this book, and zombie and vampire race creation rules complete with point values for making PC Races (Which means that you can finally make PC Vampire Races that match the ones in the horror companion for versitility). Settlement Management rules are also present, which are extremely versitile and useful for way more than just post apocolyptic games.

This book is my vote for Unofficial Post Apocolyptic Companion, 100%.

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Apocalypse Campaign Guide
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