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Publisher: Orcs Unlimited
by Stephen Y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/13/2017 13:44:53

The PDF runs at 122 pages. Out of that, approximately 109 are the content.

The contents list is on page 7 (quite a few pages down). Your character (PC) creation, which starts on P17, not 15; has 3 abilities (Mental. Physical, Social). These vary depending on your class (Agent, Engineer, Grunt, Hunter), which also gives you skills, other, special skills, specialities, and perk. Perk: you get from being with a certain company (listed in the book). They also give you abilites, skills, and other, to add what you already have from your class.

The game rules are on Page 69 (not 67); page 69 tells you that you need D6's (so it's a D6 system). It's only 6's that count as successes. For example: melee combat: If you had a Physical of 3, and a Melee Combat of 3, you'd roll 6D6

No character sheet! I couldn't find it in the PDF.

Artwork: black & white, looks OK. I hope this is helpful.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for the in depth review. After reading your review I found that the file that had been uploaded was an old working final and not meant to be the final. the proper file has been uploaded containing a character sheet and pages numbered properly. I hope you will try the game with the proper content and enjoy it.
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