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Publisher: Wydraz
by Dennis A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/17/2017 14:43:55

I must congratulate Wyldraz on developing a unique and elegant solution on making a curved map with squares. The slight fudging of the outer paths do not significantly detract from the standard sizing of the squares. Unfortunately, as presented being printed out on only two sheets of standard paper, the map works out to to an odd 18mm size per square - neither of the major standards of either 1/2" or 1" scale for tabletop figures. Wyldraz original map sheets work out to 97.5" (just over 8') for the inner wall diameter of the wheeled station; about 125 inches (10.5 feet) for the outside radius. (Anyone want to play Space Hulk on the concrete parking pad for the whole station at once?)

I've modified my copies in GIMP to get a full 1" scale, and each segment prints out on four standard sheets. This yields a 11.5 feet for the inner diameter of the wheeled station, or 14' 9" for the outer diameter.

This series is still very useful as representational maps - and I am glad to see he recently added the Medical and Recreational Arcs to the series (at the time of this review/comment, Fall of 2017). But, there is so much more I would like to see - - I will just have to be patient for him to get around to doing (some of) them. (Please see the Discussion Section.)

For pure 'elegance' I gave it a 5-star rating - but there is still room for improvement. (See discussions.)

Respectfully submitted, Dennis Appell aka "greypilgrim"

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Space Station 10 - Command
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