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Soldiers and Spellfighters20 $7.95
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Gunther B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2008 11:37:15

The alternate fantasy history in this book makes great reading. In another words AD&D meets World War I. French Griffins dogfight with Fokker Eindeckers and Triplanes. Sea Elves combat the U-Boat menace while British spell casters control Golems from MK V Tanks. German Wyverns launch from their Zeppelin aircraft carrier. Historical figures are interwoven with fantasy creatures in alternate history settings. Real battles have new twists through magic items and spell casters. Their are never enough magic users or fantasy creatures so the convention military still has an important role. The Red Baraon, young George Patton, Kings, Kaisers, Czars and the pope all have a roll to play.

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Soldiers and Spellfighters<sup>20</sup>
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