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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Mr J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/18/2018 04:52:14

Compact rules light version of Shadowrun rules that run very quickly. All special abilities are channeled through a universal Shadow Amp system that seems like a good idea. We made characters in under an hour and played during our first session.

Problems with the game

1) Could be organized better, you can flip all over to find all the rules for a particular subject that really could have been consolidated. 2) Mistakes, some pregens and amp designs violate the rule. 3) Drones and spirits are overpowered as written 4) This doesn't really need to be a round robin narrative game, it works great as a traditional GM run game. Not sure the Cues and Tags really have much use either way. 5) Most importantly, if you're interested in GMing this game, you have to know how Shadowrun is supposed to work already. There are whole subject areas that are just not explained in the rules aside from a quick mentions (Notably astral space, most of the Matrix, good luck if you don't know how technomancers and sprites work together)

I'm not familiar with Shadowrun 5th edition at all, so I'm actually adapting the structure of 2nd edition to create the framework for my Anarchy game. It's really not something that I should have to do, Catalyst should have provided a better built in framework so you didn't have to know how 5th edition is supposed to work. However, it has been a fun way of playing 2050s Shadowrun that doesn't require much player knowledge of crunch to play.
BTW, The systems are so close that once you figure out the way the old damage scale worked, you can rapidly convert NPCs and equipment from old supplements. I am working on converting spells and cyberware/bioware from my old 2nd edition supplements.

Also if you search around a bit a user called Gingivitis on multiple platforms has done excellent work revising some of the problem areas, finding cool uses for plot points, creaitng generic threats and a very good quick reference guide for running the game.

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Shadowrun: Anarchy
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