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HârnLore 5
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Old School Fantasy #1: A Keg for Dragon (Savage Worlds Edition) $5.00
Publisher: Reality Blurs
by Jessica C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/07/2017 17:42:49

I ran this as a 6 hr game for people who had never played anything in the SW system before. With the addition of a single encounter it was essentially the perfect length. In addition it was well written with excellent NPC definition and the feel of a classic old-school game.

The layout of information was good although an easy way to flip between enemies and the current encounter would have earned that final star. Experienced players might find the adventure too railroad-y but if the GM can think on their feet this can be overcome to facilitate player enjoyment without being overly prescriptive.

Overall this makes an excellent introductory game for a campaign or can be easily slotted into an ongoing fantasy SW game for when the GM just needs to take a step back from writing. I think that newer GMs or players with less experience might benifit most from this as they are less likely to have an issue with the railroad-ing nature of the plot.

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Old School Fantasy #1: A Keg for Dragon (Savage Worlds Edition)
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