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Daring Comics Training Room Rules $0.00
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by RS P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/15/2017 13:36:47

For what it is, this is pretty good as a one-shot introduction to Daring Comics. It reiterates certain rules from Fate Core and explains how they're tweaked for the superhero genre. It adds some new skills and stunts and introduces an Extra called a Power Set, which is an Aspect that you buy powers for. The powers listed are apparently a subset of what's available in the full rule book. You are supposed to use the sample characters for the one-shot so there is no explanation of how powers are bought. The power descriptions are short but there is enough detail to understand how the power works, the progressive levels of the power, and any special effects.

The adventure itself consists of 8 Scenes and a collection of NPC and sample hero write-ups. The scenes are detailed enough to describe the setting and tips on how to run the scene. There are no maps. There is a good mix of action, investigation, and events to hang a story on. I did not actually run the adventure, so I can't comment on its' difficulty level or run time. I'm going to be running a game for younger kids and the content is darker and a more mature theme than I'm comfortable running with them.

The price for the one-shot is fine (pay what you want/free). Which brings me to a comment about the full rule set. The price is $14 for the full game in PDF form. It includes the full set of rules from the Fate system, so you don't have to buy Fate Core separately. But I already have those rules. And the powers system (at least in the Training Room rules) feels similar to the powers rules in Evil Hat's Venture City sourcebook but less polished. That book is only $8 in PDF form. I can't see myself buying the full product for Daring Comics. That's a personal decision, not because I think it's a bad product it's just not what I'm looking for. I might pay a few dollars for a sourcebook edition that lets me leverage my purchase of Fate Core but it's not sufficiently divergent from those rules that I need the whole thing. I'm choosing to adapt the Venture City materials instead, while not using any of the source material.

I would love to see a good superhero themed Fate Accelerated supplement that is suitable for young players, but so far I haven't seen anything I was satisfied with at a price I'm willing to shell out for.

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Daring Comics Training Room Rules
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