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Publisher: GRAmel
by Olivier S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2017 03:17:04

"Garden of Death" is a 68 pages long campaign written by Umberto Pignatelli (+ 7 pages of stats and 16 pages of a Book of Lore on the Fallen Realm of Keron). Please be warned that this scenario requires that one of your playing characters is a skilled military leader.

Indeed, at the start of the adventure, the heroes are member of the military of Zura, and their task is to defeat the nomads raiding the caravans coming from and going to this Independent City. But the king of Zura shall give them soon a new mission : to bring back his deceased son from the Garden of Death, a very remote location in the haunted realm of Keron. The only person who can guide them there is.... the chief of the nomads whom they've recently captured... Will they come back safe from this place full of magics and dangers ?

Even if they do, messing with unlife and former foes isn't without consequences. The second part of the adventure ( which can be developped easily into a full fledged campaign) is truly grandiose and epic : old alliances are shuffled into new belligerents and our heroes can play the leading role there. Umberto exploits at its best the possibilities of B&B and the narrative elements of Sword & Sorcery (as is often the case in B&B, I just regret the lack of any map to visualize the main geographical features of the campaign area).

As for "Shadows over Ekul", I do believe this adventure would be fit for a movie scenario !

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Garden of Death
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