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Inns, Taverns, & Other Service Places (City Builder Volume 7) $2.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Randy M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/25/2008 20:23:01

This series continues to shine! City Builder Volume 7 helps fill in the gaps that are often times skimmed over by GMs when building their game worlds. Honestly, I must say that I hadn't thought of a few of these, but after reading through Barbershops, Bathhouses and Hostels, for instance, I saw quite a bit of use for such places.

The rest of the places covered in this book, Inns, Kitchens, Restaurants, Rooming Houses, and Taverns, in one form or another have become staples of the fantasy game genre. What makes this product stand out, however, is the historical details that are pointed out, which I'd imagine quite a few GMs either don't know or ignore feeling they have no use. This product gives these old places a new look (at least for yours truly) and the adventure hooks help shape their usefulness as well.

As always, the book is comprised of useful content as well as visual aids to hopefully spark creativity when the writer's block sets in (what veteran GM can say they've never had that?). The quality continues to be top notch and the series itself is really starting to coalesce. The price is a little higher than the previous installments, but then, there are more locations in this one as well, so it all balances out.

A great value and great material!!

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Inns, Taverns, & Other Service Places (City Builder Volume 7)
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