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Micro Maze 03: Ruined City Scavenger (Solo Game) $2.50
Publisher: Fishwife Games
by Robert N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/17/2018 12:02:50

Fishwife Games Micro-Maze Adventures are fun solo adventures. I usually play them while watching football. I played this one first because I'm a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre. All of the Micro-Maze Adventures play similarly, with slightly different mechanics and a different genre "skin." This one threw me for a loop because I had completed the entire maze but was not able to get all unique parts of the purifier. There were no rules for how to deal with this situation so I house-ruled it that I had to keep going to the parts and dealing with hazards and enemies until I finally rolled the one missing part I needed. This is also the only Micro-Maze Adventure that my character died in the first attempt (I have purchased but not played the newly released #4). I completed the maze in the second attempt. I'm only giving it 4 stars because the game might be a little simplistic if just played on its own, but the game definitely fulfilled my gaming desires as I watched a football game (as opposed to text-based solo games, the Micro-Maze adventures lends itself to being played while doing other things)! I do like the inventiveness of the game. The art in the rulebook is great. I look forward to more Micro-Maze Adventures!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you very much for your kind review of all of the Micro-Maze games and also pointing out the issue that you ran into with finding the part. I have heard from another gamer that they ran into this same issue. I was able to find them all myself during the play testing prior to release. However, that said, the ability to get the parts is dependent on the random part of the game's play and if the dice just don't fall right then this is a possibility. The collection of various parts randomly scattered about was a new mechanic I was wanting to try with my symbol-maze gaming format (I really need to come up with an official name for that). Since I just finished the 4th release, Tales of the Atomic Bard, I am going to go back into this one and see if I can work out a fix, and then release the update fixes for rpgnow customers to get.
In the meanwhile, thank you so much again for the input. As a token of gratitude, please feel free to pick out an item or two that you might want from the Fishwife Games pdf library. Simply message me and I will do what I can to ensure that I send these to you as complimentary copies.
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Micro Maze 03: Ruined City Scavenger (Solo Game)
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